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9 Tips for Teachers to Have a "SUN"sational First Day Back to School

The summer has been so relaxing and now it is time to go back to school...well maybe you are still relaxing, but before you know it, the time will be here and the first day will also be here...so why not check out these 9 Tips to have a

You've relaxed all summer...well...NOT REALLY because after all you are a teacher and everyone thinks you get to relax ALL summer, but let's face it...you HAVE NOT been relaxing all summer stuffing your face with Choco Tacos, Hershey Kisses, Tootsie Rolls or, my favorite, Kit Kats!

YOU HAVE NOT been burying your feet in the sand with a glass of your favorite beverage by your side leisurely watching your kids surf the waves. Instead you have been planning for this day all summer...since the doors of the school have closed last school year and the halls have emptied...you have been planning for...Yes, you guessed it... THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! The floors are sparkling clean, your classroom is ready and it is the night before your first day and you can't sleep worrying over what the year will be like...what will the kiddos be like this year, what will the new teachers, new superintendent, new principal, new curriculum and there is ALWAYS new curriculum or new something to worry about, what will the new something be this year!!!? You feel that churning in your stomach...YES THE NIGHT BEFORE JITTERS! ( I mean I am retired and I STILL feel this in the beginning of September...it only stops when I remember that I don't HAVE to go back this September or any September!)

Never fear...Here's my MOTTO: Be Organized and have lots of choices in your toolbox to use that first day...Just like shoes: If one pair doesn't work, try another and another until the shoe fits and the idea works...choices, choices, choices and organization, those piles of ideas that are cluttering your brain like shoes cluttering your closet...organize the ideas and get them ready to pull from the shelf and try on for size.

So many ideas cluttering my brain...HELP! Now that's better...you have all your ideas stacked, filed, prepared and ready to go! AHHHHH heaven...ready to choose which pair will work best for each outfit!

You are calm, cool and collected and have a list compiled of what to do on the first day of school. ( Just for the record...my closet is a mess again and I need to clear the clutter...it is kinda like when you unpack your classroom for the first day..yep, needs to be organized once again!).

Here are some tried and true ideas and tips that I have used over the years, but remember even the best ideas need a "little help from your friends."

First off I always try to only plan the first day (always made me feel a bit anxious, but I forced myself to do it) and forget the rest of the week...you have no idea what surprises await you that first day, but it is still better to plan more than less and see where it goes. Then you can plan for the rest of the week after this important day!

Tip #1: Being a teacher = getting parents on your side. 

So, before school even starts maybe a few days before those little cherubs walk through the door of your classroom or even the night before (yes, you read that correctly) give each family a call to welcome their child to your classroom...just a simple "Hi, this is _________________I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your smile!"  You will be surprised how many kiddos walk through the door on the first day and say "You called my house last night or you left a message for me last night" and they DO bring their smiles...well first graders sometimes bring a jittery smile, but none the less, it is a SMILE! It also implants a great impression with the families of the students you will be teaching!

Tip #2: Great each child at the door with a smile and compliment. 

As I was told 30+ years ago from a college professor: Find something you like everyday about each child and give them that compliment even if is as little as, "I love the polka dots on your shirt!" I know there is sometimes some controversy about compliments, but I still think a little positive remark means the world to a little one and sometimes a big one, too! I mean let's face it...I love compliments, it makes me work harder and feel GRRRRRRReaT!

Tip #3: Have each child's name written on a name plate by a seat or if you have an "Open House," let each child place their Name Plate at a seat. 

This way they will know where to go on the first day. You can always change it and let's face it you will because most likely they have choose a seat next to their BFF or perhaps they have a nickname you did not know about....so have plenty of name plates and be ready to think of a positive way to change a seat sometime after the first day.  Something like, "I am thinking this might be a better place for you to sit. You can see better here!"
If you are prepared, then as the children walk into your classroom and it WILL be hectic especially if you teach kindergarten or first grade, the children can be directed to find their name and sit down with everything they have with them.

Tip #4: Have a blank paper by each child's seat so as you greet them, you can say, within your greeting,"Find your seat, keep everything with you on the floor beside your seat and draw a picture of something you enjoyed doing this summer!" 

Then once everyone is in the classroom, you can grab their attention and unload those backpacks to see what surprises await you!

Tip #5: Build Community from the very first day with a Morning Meeting: 

2 ideas for an greeting during Morning Meeting:

2 ideas for sharing during Morning Meeting:

2 ideas for an Activity during Morning Meeting:

2 ideas for first day Morning Meeting Messages:


Tip #6: Get them up and moving: Partner Classroom Scavenger Hunt Fun:

Tip #7: Share a book: A great book to share the first day or week of school is First Day Jitters by Julie Danneburg and here is a response page to go with it:

Tip #8: Send home a First Day Newsletter Check my shop for some great resources. Here are some editable newsletters you might want to use: 

Editable Newsletters for the Entire Year
Editable September Tidbits
Free Back to School Getting to Know you activity

This complete FREEBIE packet can be found on my TpT Sunshine and Lollipops shop.

You may also like these First Day Activities in my TPT shop to add to the ideas mentioned!

Back to School an Activity for the First Day of School or Any day
Back to School Happy Birthday Differentiated Math & Writing Common Core
Back to School: I Can Make Good Choices
Desk Name Plates
Home and School Communication
Back to School Brochure
Getting to Know You: Let's Make Some Memories
A Few Quick Communication Checklists

I hope your first day back, whenever it is, is motivating, filled with sweetness and sunshine...one that you will remember forever!

I would LOVE to hear how these ideas worked or some of you own special First Day of School Ideas!

Here is a song for all of you who are already BACK TO WORK!!! Have a Great Year!!!

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8 Fun and Easy Ideas for Keeping Skills Sharp During the Summer

Here it is...what you have all been looking for....8+Funs and Easy Ways for Keeping SkillsSharp During those Summer Months...Bet you will LOVE them ALL...My fave is # 7 width=

We all know that it can be difficult to keep kids working through the summer.  On one hand, we want our children to have fun and enjoy the summer and on the other hand, we don't want everything they have learned to simply rent space in their brains soon to take a hike once the school year is over...we want those skills and strategies to make a permanent home in their brains and stay as long as they can!

We also know how we wish our students would work during the summer to keep all the skills and strategies that they have learned all year long sharp without gaps and ready to go when school begins the next school year. You always have some students who never stop working over the summer and others who never work at all over the summer. There are so many ways to keep the kiddos that leave your classroom ready to "jump" back into learning come fall and bridge the gap between summer and fall.

Here are a few tried and true ideas to share with parents and colleagues:  Fun and Easy Ideas for Keeping Skills Sharp During the Summer Months:

1.  Have each student make a "Summer Journal" to jot down daily activities that they did over the summer. This is a great way to keep students writing over the summer and they can add pictures and captions somewhat like a scrapbook filled with summer memories. This can be a great way for children to document memories. How much fun will they have looking back on this as a young adult? These journals can be brought form home and decorated, run off on paper or even purchased at a dollar store. Here is one I made especially for this purpose. It is a print, assemble and go product and can be found on my shop Sunshine and Lollipops  Oh and did I tell you that it is only $1.50?

2.  Use a blank calendar and brainstorm ideas with your class that they can do over the summer to keep skills sharp. Ideas such as counting how many shoes your mom has in the closet to how many steps it is around the neighborhood to measuring the perimeter or area of a room in their house. Your students can then jot these ideas down on different dates on their calendar and complete them through the summer.

3.  You can copy ideas from the class and type them into a calendar frame for each student to take home through the summer to work with when they are faced with a rainy summer day at the shore or traveling to a vacation destination...remember if a car travels 60 miles per hour and it takes 2 1/2 hours to get to Orlando, how many miles have we traveled? Oh how many of you remember those questions?? Oh, before I forget, if you teach first grade...I have one already made up for all you my "fun"tastic first grade BFF's...Oops! I am just assuming that I AM your BEST FRIEND right about now...Am I right? I did all the work for YOU!!! Yep here it is Summer Calendar for First Grade

4.  Make up a packet of review math skills that were taught throughout the school year for children to bring home over the summer. Sorry guys...don't have this one pre-made...but I bet someone else does...get over to that TpT search engine and start typing!!!

5.  Summer educational field trips are another easy way to keep kids thinking over the summer. Depending where you live, scope out some ideas, jot these ideas in a newsletter and send it home with children. Around where I live, we have a zoo, arboretums, the Crayola Crayon Factory, Please Touch Museum, lots of history and much more! I KNOW parents will love to have the ideas right at their fingertips!!!

6.  Make up a Summer Reading List of Books that are geared toward your student's grade level and interests and send it home with students. You might want to include some generic frames or book craft ideas for students to use to respond to their reading.

7.  Many times while students are sitting on the beach, they can, at times become...you know that infamous word that begins with a B and we dislike it when a child says it, but in today's world, I hear it ALL the time...even from my 4 year old granddaughter...how can you possibly be B-O-R-E-D at 4...so actually they might have this B-word happen on the beach. Check this out...yep pages to work on while your sitting at the beach or pool. Are you lovin' it?  Now, I know I will definitely be your BBF "Bestie Blogger Friend"when you see this...

8.  Here are some fun ideas to add a little math and ELA fun to your summer. You are sitting at the pool or beach or driving in the car and...OH NO the B-word again...so what do you do? Jot these down and you will be covered.

  • How many steps do you think it will take you to get to the snack bar? 

Estimate and check...where you right? How many more or less steps did it take you? See how many steps it takes your friend, sister anyone sitting near you. 

  •  In the car...do you remember the alphabet game? 

Give each child a piece of paper and you if you are so inclined to play and see how many items you can find that begin with each letter of the alphabet or look for signs and just jot down words you see that begin with each letter of the alphabet. You can do this for shapes (3-D shapes as well)...remember finding license plates from various states...list those as well and see who can find the most...then put them in alphabetical order!

  • On the beach, find some seashells and categorize them according to color, shape, texture etc. 

Oh and did I mention recording how many times you can jump, hop, blink your eyes, do jumping jacks, jump rope in a minute...they can guess or estimate and see if they are right...I think you get the idea...put those little brains in action and tire them out!! What am I kidding...you will never tire a child. They have more energy than you and I put together! Maybe jot down these ideas in an End of School Year Summer Fun Idea Newsletter...who knows I might just create it as a freebie before the school year ends... and HERE IT IS: it includes a few of the ideas listed above compiled into a Summer Vacation Companion!  Free Summer Vacation Companion Activities and Worksheets Not Grade Specific

I know what you are thinking: " Okay, this all sounds great on paper, but where is the accountability and are the students really going to do this over the summer?" 

 Here is what I did with my first and second graders: I created a packet for my students to use so they could keep their skills sharp and move right on into second or third grade without missing a beat. Then I would have the children visit me in the fall during the first couple weeks of school and show me the work they completed. I then gave them a Summer Award and a special “second grade” or "third grade" school supply. I usually got a pencil that said,” Second Graders are Great”, "Third grade is Terrific" or something like that!! My school also gave summer assignments, but I still sent ideas, packets or Summer Calendars home because it was a super way to support our summer program and gave more specific ideas of activities to complete. I would staple a Summer Calendar into one packet and then a journal with response pages into another packet and send this home for summer work in a Beach pail. It worked with about 90-95% of the students I taught.

 PS- It might be fun to keep a Summer Journal or scrapbook to share with your incoming students next year! I hope this brings a little sunshine your way! Have fun you deserve it! Soak up a little sun for me while you are at it!!

Oh...and here is another fun summer idea...so...I guess I really have 9 ideas...Oh Well...Summer Charades Game 

This is fun for everyone...children and adults!!!

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Happy Mother's Day to My First Teacher...My Mom

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 14th...a time to set the day aside to remember all that our Moms have done for us whether they are still with us on this Earth or watching over us from above. Although I do believe that everyday should be Mother's Day...I mean, think about it, where would you be without your Mom? She was your first teacher. She taught you how to talk, walk and eat. She fed you and took care of you as much as her life would allow. Yes, she was your first educator and she did not, in most cases, have a degree in education, yet she taught you everything she knew... the best she knew how! So, on this day that we set aside to honor our Mothers. I would like to take a few minutes and share with you what I have learned from my Mom. The pages of my memories and lessons go on and on and it is hard to put a lifetime of lessons in one post...so I will give you the abridged Reader's Digest version! BUT...before I do...remember that you have had an impact on someone's life even if you are not a mom...we probably do not even know how our kindness has touched someone: a stranger passing by, a student we have taught, a child, or a someone special in our life...you never really know who you may have touched in some way or form!  Remember that!

Let me ponder a bit and chat a bit with my Mom who now looks down on me with loving eyes...did I mention that I never heard you raise your voice?  Hmmmm...did I have a chance to thank you for everything you have taught me? I'm really not sure, but I am hoping that I did.
I remember sitting in that hospital room thinking about all that you have taught me and wondering if I had thanked you for all you have taught me, but at that point you were not really aware that I was even there sitting at he bottom of your bed...except one time as I decided to refreshen my make-up( something you always told me to do...you said it was important for my husband to see me looking my best...where did those days go?...any way you looked up and said, "You're putting your make-up on."

Every so often I discover a note from me to you that you tucked away in a small corner of a box or folded neatly in an envelope all torn and brown around the edges...and I can tell through these clippings and saved treasures that you were a gatherer of memories... you saved everything and I mean e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g from cards I wrote to you in elementary school to newspaper articles that had a slight mention of my name, report cards...some of which I would rather forget, awards and even a thank you note I wrote to you and dad for my wedding not to mention all the clippings, photos, drawings and treasures from your grandkids. OOPS! There was also the recording of dad singing to you when he was in the service that he sent you in 1940's...see...Mom, these discoveries show me that you loved your family and family was important to you.  This was the number one lesson you taught me. I didn't need to find these momentos or trinkets to recognize and feel your love for family...

You showed us, through your example and our life's experiences that family was and should be a number one priority! You were selfless through all those years and always, always put your family FIRST!!

There are so many values you taught me from your example. You showed me the importance of being kind and loving, to help others...I can't even list all the people you helped in so many ways from relatives, friends, employees to strangers..... but you also remembered to take time for yourself to recharge your batteries...not the car batteries, but your mind and body.

"One day, as I recall, you told me,"Kathy, it does not mean your a bad mom if you leave the kids with a babysitter and take some time for yourself. Get a good book and go have lunch by yourself. It will recharge your batteries!"  GREAT ADVICE!

You LOVED to dance and you always danced like no one was watching and everyone knows how much I love to dance. That showed me that it is also important to have FUN ! You were classy, funny, sophisticated, a creative thinker and loved to dress up!  You were a trend setter...I have fond memories of riding in our 1959 powder blue caddie with the top down, you with your new hair color (blonde) and a french twist that was the newest trend back then. I thought I was riding with Barbie!

You demonstrated the importance of commitment, understanding, empathy, perseverance, working hard to reach your goals. to never give up, do your best, replace curse words with phrases like "hells bells and Christmas trees (lol)" and the list goes on and on and on.

"You were ahead of your time, extremely independent and an entrepreneur with the restaurant business..."

You were the backbone of "Marras" taking care of E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G...if someone did not come in,  you became, a waitress or a hostess or a cook...oh and did I mention what a creative and fabulous cook you were?  You always wanted to write a cookbook, but that was something that never quite happened....I did find all the recipes that you saved in the cigar boxes...yep that's where you always put your treasures... in the flip-top cigar boxes from the days you sold cigars in the restaurant!

It has been over 20 years since you left us but I feel your presence everyday sometimes, I go to the phone and think about calling you...wouldn't that be awesome if we had a direct line to call our loved ones up in heaven?

So on this Mother's Day if I could chat with you for just a minute, I would say...thank you for all you taught me and for being YOU!  Happy Mother's Day...and as you would say...I love you too much, Kitten!

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7 Fun and Easy Ideas to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your Class!

Hola!  Me llamo Señora Simpson.

Cuando enseñé primer grado, me encantó añadir un poco de español a mi reunión de la mañana! Aprendimos palabras de color, contando y frases comunes y a mis estudiantes les encantó!

So....since Spanish is the one of the world's most commonly spoken languages, you might also enjoy adding a bit of Spanish to your day!
As I said above or hope I said above:  "When I taught first grade, I enjoyed adding a bit of Spanish to my morning meeting. We would learn color words, counting and common phrases...my students loved it!  In fact when some of my former students came back to visit, they always remembered learning Spanish!

Now I am not claiming to know the language perfectly and there may be a few errors above, but I did minor in FLES or Foreign Languages in the Elementary School. At that time (45 years ago) it was simply something I wanted to do and I am glad I did it as it added a bit of fun to my classroom and teaching ideas.  We played Simón dice, with easy commands like; Pon tu mano sobre tu cabeza, which was a huge hit. 

I also read the Spanish versions of favorite books and the class LOVED listening to familiar books in a different language

So, where am I going with this you ask?
Cinco De Mayo is celebrated on May 5th and I thought why not share a few ideas that are easy and fun...ideas that are right at your finger tips or will be! So let's get started and celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

But first a little history...

Cinco de Mayo or May 5th is a holiday that celebrates the date of the Mexican army's 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War (1861-1867).  i believe that the Mexican Army was not expected to win, but they did...so....time to celebrate!

🌟 How about dancing to the beat with Maracas?  

You can easily make these spoon and egg maracas and perhaps you might want to make it a STEAM activity.  Simply give each partner 4 spoons, masking tape and egg and some beads and tell them that they will be creating a musical instrument to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  

🌟  Perhaps you want to have a little fun with some STEAM Musical activities:

  • Plastic spoons
  • Beads
  • Yarn or string
  • Sturdy plastic or China Made paper plates
  • Plastic eggs 
  • Another materials that you can think of that when combined might make noise.
  1. Set up partners.
  2. Tell the class that the challenge will be to create a musical instrument to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
  3. Give each partnership a planning sheet to draw and decide what they might use to create the instrument.
  4. Instruct your class to choose some materials to create their musical instrument to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.
  5. As you circulate or observe children experimenting with the materials provided to create their musical instruments, use the following questions to encourage learning:

  • Why did you choose those materials to create your instrument?
  • What kind of instrument are you creating?
  • How did you decide what instrument to make?
  • Did you choose any additional materials? Why?
  • Did you put back any materials that you originally selected? Why?
  • Show me how your instrument works.
  • What changes did you make when creating your instrument?
  • How did these changes affect the sound of your instrument?
  • Did the changes work? Why or why not?
  • Do you like the sound that your instrument produces? Why or why not?
  • Was this hard or easy for you? Why?
  • What have you learned about making a musical instrument?
  • If you had the opportunity to do this again what would you change and why?

🌟 Did I hear you say you want more like this?

You might want to check out this blogpost I wrote for Educents and add other components to this motivating and fun idea!  You can find the article right here:   How to Introduce Music into Everyday Lessons

🌟  Why not try a recipe that you can make with your kids at home or in school?

Have you ever tried Walking Tacos? They are easy and fun to make!

🌟  Here are some "Fun"tastic pretend tacos to make:

I think your class would love making these tacos with or without reading the book....they look so yummy...almost good enough to eat!

🌟  How about this cute paper bag poncho?
Just imagine all those kiddos walking out the door wearing their decorated sarapes?

🌟  Your class might enjoy making their own piñatas!
Fill them up with some sweets and let the party begin!

🌟  All that is left now is to share some great books about this fun holiday:

So there you have it...some fun ideas to get this holiday party started....Pick a book, add a little history, food, music and crafts and you have got yourself a great holiday celebration!

What ideas to you use to celebrate this holiday?

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Spring Is Right around the Corner or Should be! 5 Great Ways to Spring into Learning!

The air is feeling warmer...maybe....and you begin to witness signs of spring.  Buds begin to pop their heads from under the soil, trees are beginning to show a tinge of green, the air smells a bit different, but you can't really decide on the fragrance and as a teacher, you want to open up your outdoor classroom and and feel that spring springing all around you and let the outdoor learning begin.

If you want to use those beautiful spring days for learning, here are a few indoor and outdoor ideas to add a little spring to your day!

🌷 Bring your students outside:

Grab those clipboards and take a walk outside to observe signs of spring!
Make sure you grab these sheets so your kiddos can observe spring using their senses. This Free Spring Fun Free Activities can be downloaded here:

Before you go outside have your students brainstorm and predict what they might, see, hear, smell and feel (advising not to touch nature that might not work for touching!)
Then go outside and have them write alone or with a partner their observations through their senses. At some point, stop and have everyone be silent for a minute or two( if that is possible😃) and listen for sounds they hear.  It is amazing what can be heard!

Kids love to share what they discovered so, once you come inside, set up sharing partners and small groups. Have them share their ideas from their sensory walk and then call all groups back together and share out what they discovered, check their predictions, have them share out what they liked or didn't like, their feelings about spring and anything else that might come up!  Oh and don't forget to save those clipboards for use with later ideas...actually I have one listed below!

🌷  Read outside:

Bring you class outside to read at the end of the day or anytime.  Have your students pick books at some point during the day and either read alone or read with a partner.  

Find a cozy spot outside your building, provide some beach towels or blankets and read for 15-30 minutes. if you want you can assign a focus for their reading.

Some focus examples might be...today we are focusing on ___________ be prepared to share out after reading time is completed:
  • Is your book fiction or nonfiction...how do you know?
  • Is there a problem?  If so what was the problem and how was it solved.
  • Describe how this story made you feel. Why did you feel that way.
  • Did you like this book? Why or why not?  Explain your thinking.
  • What was something you learned from  this book, chapter, story.
  • As you were reading, did you make a prediction?  If so share about the prediction you made.  Were you correct with this prediction?
  • Share about your favorite part of the story.  Why was this your favorite part.
  • Read a few sentences from your story with expression...like you are on TV.
  • What questions would you like to ask the author?
  • Name an event or something from the book that surprised you.
  • Name an event or something from the book that was interesting.
  • Quickly turn to a partner and state one sentence that happened in the beginning, middle or end.  Can you share some thing from each part...BME?
  • Which character did you like best and why? or Tell us about a fact you learned that you liked.
You get the idea...all types of questions can be integrated and you might even have a little informal assessment going on at the same time and a bit of data collection!

🌷 Write some Spring Poems:

There are a few ways to motivate your students to write some spring poems.  First of all you need to know that I LOVE writing and poems are my fave!  I am jumping up and down just thinking about sharing my ideas!

  • Okay...use the sensory walk to motivate your students to think about and describe spring or if you cannot go outside to complete the walk and you still want to write, choose a book about spring to read to your class. If you go with the book idea, have your kids lay down on the rug or sit at their seats with their eyes closed in order to visualize the story...so...make sure you choose a book that describes spring. As they visualize, you can stop reading every so often...I call this "A 3 Minute Pause" so they can share out what they saw or visualized. using the same sheet used for the Sensory Walk, have them fill in some of the sheet and then continue on in this fashion.
  • Here are some ideas for Books about Spring!

  • Now that everyone is full of spring excitement, you can begin to collect words or phrases that describe spring (adjectives).  One way to do this activity is to simply brainstorm adjectives and write them on your board and keep them up for use during poetry writing.
  • BUUTTTTT...this is the way I would do it:  Divide your class into small groups. Assign a scriber to write down the groups' ideas on large chart paper or poster board.  Then, in cooperative groups or partners, if that works better for your students, have them brainstorm their adjectives to describe spring and write them on the board. After a certain time frame, have the groups share out their ideas.
  • Now everyone is ready to write some poems...I can hear you right now..."just write a poem?"
          No...it is not that easy...simply use these resources that were created just for YOU!
          You can snatch up this freebie here.

If you are looking for something a little easier, then simply grab these ready to print and use spring poetry frames.

🌷  Snap some Pictures:

I love using photos to encourage kid's writing and I especially enjoy when I take seasonal pictures or snap photos during field trips or our day and give partnerships pictures and sticky notes and ask them to write captions.  
It is the best...to see what they write!
So...why not take a walk outside with your kiddos and ask them to help you find some signs of spring so you can snap a few pictures to capture the season.

After you develop the photos or print them out, divide your class into groups or partnerships and give a photo to each group. Don't forget a sticky note so they can write captions!

Take the notes and the photos, type the captions that belong to each photo, compile into a book and voila....you have created an "All about Spring" class book! I bet it will be a hit in your classroom...mine always were!

🌷  Snatch up some Great Spring Themed Ideas:

Of course I am going to start with some of my own resources...because...well...this is...you know...my post! 😁 No worries...I will also show you where to find lots of other spring resources!
So...drumroll please:

You might want to try out these Spring Themed Literacy Stations.

Maybe this will make your classroom acting like spring has sprung!  Spring Charades Dollar Deal

What's Included:

♥ Original Reader’s Theater Poem
♥ Original Reading Response Sheets/Frames
♥ Pick a Book from the Book Bouquet frame
♥ Writing Prompts for Beginning Spring Ideas
♥ Opinion Writing Frames for Spring Ideas
♥ Spring Words ABC Order
♥ Word Wall Spring Flower Frame to Write sight Words or Spelling Words
♥ Word Work Spring making Words
♥ Noun, Verb, adjective Sort using Spring Words.
♥ Spring Syllable Sort 1,2,3 and 4 syllable Spring words

This is a great game to play anytime you need a little action to the day.
Ideas for Use:

  • Morning Meeting Game
  • Reinforcing Verbs
  • Brain Breaks
  • Spring Party Games
  • Indoor Recess and MORE!

Some Ideas for Use:
✿These phrases can be laminated, cut and put on a ring to have partners practice during free time. 

✿ Send home for Homework practice or make one for everyone and have a Fluency Free Time where students practice and then pick a few phrases to “perform” for the class like they are on television. 
I even made a 12x18 “TV” out of cardboard to hold up in front of their faces as they read. You can also use a puppet theater for the performance.

✿ However you choose to use these phrases, your students fly into fluency and the more they practice, the more fluent they will be!

Looking for some other Spring Ideas?  Just click through to my collaborative Pinterest Boards and have a bit of fun checking out all the resources right here!

So as soon as the weather changes and you can feel that Spring has Sprung, grab those clipboards and scoot outside to enjoy learning!  ENJOY! Comments are welcome. please add your ideas in the comments!

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