Classroom Photos

Celebrating the 100th Day of School...My team dressed up as 100 year olds...the children LO ED it and our administration came over to see the "Old Ladies" teach!  Making Learning Fun with Common Core!  LOL

When we learned about insects, we became Entomologists!

Thanksgiving Turkey Centerpeices with a recipe for leftover Turkey!

Our Reading Center!

Our Hopes and Dreams and some organization of materials!

Our Contraction Doctor 

My mailbox:  A place for kiddos to send me notes, pictures and letters!
Station and Daily 5 Board  Check out my Daily 5 and Station Products in my TpT shop
After learning about apples, we made the seasons f an apple tree and wrote about what we liked to do each season!  Check out the Apples, Apples, I Like Apples in my TpT shop
Children have an opportunity to "Park Their Thoughts" on this board on Sticky notes about any problem they might be having.  I check the board every afternoon and then have a chat with the kiddos who shared to see what we might need to do to solve the problem. We also have class meetings about the issues that might come up if they have not been solved at the time I read them!

We hit a home run when we wrote and learned about Facts and Opinions with a Jackie Robinson Biography! (CCELA aligned)  I guess i should put this product in my shops! LOL

We took a field trip into the "woods" behind our school. I took pictures and then each partnership wrote about the picture I gave them. We also wrote about our senses!  After these were taken down, we turned them into a classbook that was enjoyed by all!
Superheroes save the Earth.
See the complete product on the sidebar! Check out my Be a Superhero and Save the Earth Activity
Pirate Classroom Organization Choice Board
Our Igloos and Eskimos....Facts and Opinions about Igloos

We made Cooperative Snowpeople after reading the story Snowballs!  Our floor looked like a winter wonderland!  Check out some Winter Wonderland Stations on my TpT shop that can be used with this project.

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